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Explaining Kiva Zip from a Whitewater Raft

Update from the Field: Learning from adversity and environmentally-friendly stoves. Plus, more on Kiva Zip

Coming Home with Kiva Zip

When I first met the other Kiva fellows, I asked them where they would be working. I heard Kenya, Peru, Indonesia, and many more places I someday hope to visit. I listened and began to share their excitement, worries and curiosities.

Update from the Field:

Don’t Eat the Money

By Karen Buxton, KF10, Liberia

A Country in Transition

One of the reasons I was initially inspired to do a Kiva Fellowship in Liberia is the fact that Ellen Sirleaf was elected President of Liberia four years ago, making her the first democratically elected woman president of any country in Africa.  Having been here for three mont

A Balancing Act


By Karen Buxton, KF10, Liberia

Pilot Partner Posting Predicaments

By Brian Kelly, KF10, Sri Lanka

The Taxing Taxation of Microfinance

By Alexis Ohanian, KF10 Armenia. He co-founded reddit, started a company called breadpig, and loves lavash.

From Borrower to Branch Manager

By Karen Buxton, KF10, Liberia


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