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Shell Money Tradition Lives on in the Solomon Islands

Shell money is a traditional form of currency that was used in the Solomon Islands before bank notes were introduced.

Power Pennies

When I use the word “microfinance,” or talk about Kiva, people tend to picture entrepreneurs in far off destinations, using small loans to invest in their businesses.  And while it may be true that cash lent for seeds, goats or rickshaw repairs in less developed countries is the essence of micr

Myanmar Duck Tales - Dedaye

There was no dozing off on the way to Dedaye.  As the taxi sped mercilessly down the bumpy road dodging bikes, motorcycles, ox-drawn carts, and the occasional village parade, I thought to myself,  “Are we supposed to be going this fast?”&

“My dreams for my children came true!”

As I approach Faleula, one of the many villages along the road that circles Samoa’s Upolu Island, I am excited and a little nervous. I am about to meet a Kiva borrower for the first time!

Free Range Dreams

I traveled north, away from Kampala, towards a small town called Luwero.   After the wall to wall congestion of the city, it was a relief to finally have an open stretch of road with green trees and grassy fields to either side.   I was looking forward to meeting Haruna, a man wh

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Guatemala

I have had the opportunity to visit 4 women entrepreneurs of Fundación Namaste Guatemaya to see in practice how our field partner helps make Guatemalan women entrepreneurs be successful in their business. The women I visited are part of the Namaste Business Development Program.

Unlocking one family vision in Myanmar

Microfinance at Work in the Delta Region of Myanmar

Expect the Unexpected

An open stretch of road outside of town

Does Modern Day Azerbaijan Need Our Help?

The modern Baku skyline


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