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¡Bienvenidos a Barranquilla!

Expectations, (harsh) realities, engagement and innovation

Diana Biggs | KF 18 | Burkina Faso

I’d like to think the title of this post sums up my experience in Burkina Faso – perhaps even both professional and personally. I’ll focus on the former here and try to take you through my journey.

My First Journey with a Kiva Loan Officer

Getting from Point A to Point B in CostaRica

Conversations in a Taxicab

Smitten From The Field

Innovative Teenagers: Feeling Insignificant in Africa

I recently ran a quick survey of my fellow Fellows to find out what we were all doing at the age of 17. We generally consider ourselves a pretty ambitious, well-travelled, well-read bunch; these days, at least. Responses I got spanned the following:

The Largest Development Organization in the World (and you probably haven’t heard of it!)

On my seemingly endless journey from NYC to Kampala, Uganda, I barely slept at all.

Is Microfinance a boon or bane..? My learnings from the field

Pakistan: A lizard in the hand is worth several in the bush

My final Borrower Verification trip was to the village of Vehari, visiting Khursheed Bibi. We had attempted to meet her almost a week ago, but the morning of our appointment, her sister had unexpectedly passed away.


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