Born in Pakistan and raised outside of Seattle, Vardah graduated with a B.S. in Biology from the University of Washington. Taking time to travel to Central America, Europe and part of Northern Africa, Vardah is excited to continue exploring different places and cultures. Growing keen to contribute to poverty alleviation, she learned that empowering people to help themselves by equipping them with skills and providing tools, such as financial assistance, is an effective and sustainable approach to tackling poverty. Having first heard of Kiva while reading Half the Sky by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, Vardah began participating as a Kiva lender. Eager to take on a greater role to help with Kiva's mission and to fulfill her desire to continue traveling, she is excited to participate as a Kiva Fellow.

Fellows Blog Posts by Vardah Malik

Dec 8, 2014 VN Vietnam

Mrs. Yen outside her home
As a Kiva Fellow, I’ve had the delightful opportunity to visit a number of Kiva borrowers in their homes or places of work. These treks consisted of hopping in a car and hanging on while the driver used every opportunity to cut off vehicles in front of us; hopping on the back of a motorbike and weaving through city streets or driving down dirt roads, taking in the stunning views of fields outside the city; or taking a public bus where a conversation ensues with random passengers revolving... Continue Reading >>

Nov 14, 2014 VN Vietnam

An open stretch of road outside of town
We've all heard this many a time and every time the unexpected occurs, it catches us by surprise. We feel like we've lost a bit of control (if only for a short moment) because we were so meticulous about our planning and we wonder how we could of found ourselves in such a situation.  This is especially true when you're on the road; sometimes the unexpected can become a pleasant surprise, where you get lost in a city, but are still able to maintain a sense of calm, as you... Continue Reading >>